A video summary of our partnership with Brown/RISD STEAM club. Learn how Design Thinking can be incorporated into meaningful student projects in an elementary school.

STEAM WEEK Lighting and Circuits


By Tamar the Fifth Grader:

In our circuitry workshop on Monday morning, we did two things.  First, we made a little colored light go on.  We did this by first creasing a small piece of paper, and placed a piece of copper tape ( a thin strip of copper that is sticky on one side) on both sides of the crease and put a battery on one side, and the light on the other end, so that when the paper was folded along the crease, the battery touched both of the pieces of copper tape, and turned the light on.  It sounds simple, but it is very hard to make the copper tape meet in the right way to the battery and the light.  The second part was a sort of free tinker time.  We were told to make some sort of lamp or something like that, and those were the only major guidelines.  Some of the things made were a heat lamp, a flashlight, and a few other variations on those basic subjects.  I made a little light-up tube that lit up when you pressed it in a certain place.  I learned that even the simplest of circuits can be very hard to make.



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